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2/2/20-2/29/20:   We've Gone 1:1; So Now What?

2/2/20-2/29/20: We've Gone 1:1; So Now What?

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February 2, 2020 - February 29, 2020
30 CPDUs

This course is designed for teachers who are lucky enough to have adopted or are planning to adopt one device per student, or classrooms with shared carts of devices available for student use.  Transforming from a traditional classroom to a digital classroom requires a major shift in methodologies, and it won’t occur overnight.  Teachers will learn that it’s ok to take baby steps as they gradually learn (and learn to love!) this new method of teaching and learning. There are many options for collaborative activities, student response systems, interactive presentations, and daily activities across all subjects.   This course will provide teachers with a plethora of resources to try out and choose as they develop a successful technology-rich classroom.This course is suitable for teachers of grades 2-8.