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About Us

Teacher’s Teacher started in 1997 with a couple of elementary school teachers sharing their technology expertise with other teachers in the computer lab at a school on Chicago's southwest side. It soon became clear that there was a significant need for quality professional development in technology integration as schools began putting in computer labs and providing technology access in the classrooms. Over the next ten years, over 75 different technology workshops were developed and presented through this program to area teachers.

The program grew in size and reputation, and soon courses were designed in an online format, providing access to teachers throughout Illinois. In 2010, the Common Core State Standards were adopted by Illinois, and the need for PD in curriculum design became apparent. The Teacher’s Teacher online learning community provided a means for teachers to collaborate with one another on curriculum and technology integration. New course facilitators with expertise in specific curricular areas were brought on board, and additional courses were designed in language arts and math. In 2014, Illinois adopted the NextGen Science Standards. Facilitators were recruited and science courses were designed to meet the science standards. Also in 2014, Teacher’s Teacher partnered with two more experts in social and emotional learning, making additional content available in these areas.

In 2019, Teacher’s Teacher partnered with the Chicago Teacher’s Union Foundation Quest Center and began providing lane credits to Chicago Public School Teachers.

In 2023, Teacher’s Teacher partnered with the Midwest Teachers Institute and Calumet College of St. Joseph and began offering graduate credit for courses.

Today there are fifteen facilitators in the Teacher's Teacher Program. New content and coursework are designed regularly to meet the changing needs of teachers. Our staff members are all seasoned teachers with years of expertise in the area they teach. All are “teachers’ teachers.”