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How it Works

Several days prior to the start of the course, participants receive an email with instructions for accessing the course.

A week’s material is posted at the start of each week.  Participants are expected to read content and review various resources, write replies/answer questions, share experiences, and engage in discussions with the course facilitator and other participants.  None of the assignments are completed in "real-time;" you can work at the times that best suit your own schedule.  Participants should expect to spend about 7 hours/week on the course during the school year (30 ISBE Professional Development Hours = 30 hours over a four-week period). Summer courses are condensed into three weeks, with the expectation that participants will spend ten hours/week on their course over a three-week period. This time is best spread out over the course of the week in several sittings (3-4 work well) to get the most benefit out of the class discussions.  There are no graded assignments; you earn the ISBE Professional Development Hours if you fulfill the course requirements.  Over the years, it has been very rare that someone hasn't completed the course; and if so it's generally due to illness or family issues.

The courses are not "canned" like some online courses.  The facilitator is online daily responding to the participants, answering questions and engaging in discussions.  The evaluations from participants have been very favorable, with many commenting on how much they enjoyed the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and strategies with teachers from other schools. Click here to learn about what past participants have said.