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Meet Our Team

 Pat Reed


Pat Reed is the Manager/Owner of Teacher’s Teacher, LLC. Pat has 25 years experience in curriculum, technology and school administration. She has an MBA and an MS in Curriculum, Technology and Educational Reform. Her current efforts are focused in online courses in assessment and educational technology, and school presentations on cyber safety, educational technology, curriculum and assessment.

Mary Ostrem


Mary Ostrem is a progressive high school Technology/Digital Media Instructor who has creatively developed a variety of instructional technology courses at her school. Recently, Mary has broadened her areas of expertise into meeting the needs of diverse learners. Her current focus is on movement in the classroom as it affects physical well-being and improved learning for students, and on gender issues in learning.

Jen Pestich


Jen Pestich teaches social studies in the International Baccalaureate Program at a Chicago high school. She has taught internationally and is National Board certified. She works to develop superior reading and writing skills within her social studies curriculum and on preparation for assessments including the IB exams, SAT, and ACT. Her specialty areas are in reading, writing and discussion strategies.

Molly Ward


Molly Ward is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who currently works as a Special Education Administrator in the south suburbs of Chicago where she oversees the Emotional Disabilities Program and the Counseling Program. Molly has extensive experience with children and teens in crisis. She presents on social-emotional learning, positive behavior supports, and other important content related to student well-being.

Mary Sullivan Kopale


Mary Sullivan Kopale is a seasoned psychology teacher who has a special interest in the field of positive psychology.  She holds a Masters in Education, and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design.  She is an accomplished motivational speaker and adult trainer. She works as an instructional designer at a Chicago university where she incorporates positive education into her work with college faculty and adult learners.

Laura Kovatch


Laura Kovatch teaches science and language arts at the elementary level. She has been instrumental in researching and implementing NGSS and STEM programs. She has been an integral part of the development of a school-wide writing program, and is well-versed in a variety of different models. Laura has developed courses in implementing the NGSS and in writing strategies for elementary school teachers.

Kyle Leonard


Kyle Leonard is a high school science teacher who holds two Masters Degrees in Educational Technology and Biology along with recently becoming a Google Certified Educator. He is an enthusiastic proponent of technology in the classroom, specifically for a STEM curriculum. He provides teacher professional development across Illinois and is a specialist in virtual and augmented reality as a method of authentic discovery for students and their teachers.

Katie Fadden


Katie Fadden is an experienced Early Childhood educator. She is highly passionate about Early Childhood Education and the powerful role it plays in laying a positive foundation for learning in our youngest students. Katie founded a local network of Preschool educators. She enjoys sharing engaging and developmentally appropriate ideas with primary teachers in our newest course, "Excited About Online Learning."

Carolyn Tovey


Carolyn Tovey is an educator with 30 years of experience in the classroom. In her career, she has designed and implemented curriculum in the areas of Language Arts, Science, and Math, and led various curriculum committees. She is known for her creative ways of making ordinary content fascinating to students. Her ability to use assessment data to drive instruction has resulted in exceptionally high student achievement. Carolyn is a seasoned instructional designer who has recently developed courses on integrating art into the classroom, current math trends in American education, STEAM and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Peggy Myatt

Peggy Myatt has been an Adjunct Professor in the Special Education Department at the university level for the past 26 years. She has multiple special education certifications, a master’s degree in counseling and extensive experience with professional development for both special and regular education professionals. Her current and past teaching coursework includes working with families of special needs children, collaboration, including special needs students in the regular education classroom, and human growth and development. She also enjoys serving as a volunteer advocate for families with special needs children within her community.

Stephanie Gates

Stephanie Gates is an educator, writer and activist. A life-long Chicagoan, Stephanie enjoys spending time with family and friends. Though she has no children of her own, Stephanie has been a surrogate mother to many. Stephanie’s mission is to leave the world better than she found it by being a pebble rippling in the ocean of injustice. She is passionate about eradicating colorism through the creation of Pretty is Me/Handsome I Am Day, an annual school event which celebrates the diversity of beauty. A published writer, Stephanie’s work has been included in a number of anthologies including: Inspiration for Teachers--101 Stories About How You Make A Difference, Shifts—An Anthology of Women’s Growth through Change and Black-Eyed Peas for the Soul—Tales to Strengthen the African American Spirit and Encourage the Heart.

Liz Boland

Liz Boland is an experienced high school English teacher in the western suburbs of Chicago. She holds a master's degree in British and American Literature. Whether students enter her room to analyze literature, improve research skills, or study traditional grammar, Liz offers a welcoming environment. Establishing this sense of community allows students to share their voices through writing and discussion to demonstrate deeper learning.

Mike Pestich

Mike Pestich is a National Board Certified English Teacher (NBCT) with over 15 years of teaching experience in a Chicago Public High School. He currently serves as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program Coordinator where he actively supports students to achieve successful learning outcomes in an advanced academic curriculum. He is proficient in G-Suite and other instructional technologies which allows him to engage in data-based decision making processes as well as enhance the classroom experience of his students in the ever-changing landscape of education.