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"I have taken several Teacher’s Teacher courses over the years, and recently completed my favorite class, Bigger Than Life Skills for Successful Students. This course helped me to start the new year with a positive attitude! There were a multitude of activities and resources that I will use with my classes immediately. The course is designed to assist instructors to motivate students of all abilities. By building their self-confidence through speaking, listening, empathy, and using social media, the outcomes are sure to be positive.

Teacher’s Teacher courses are taken around your personal schedule and allow you plenty of time to complete the assignments. The instructor and my classmates were very professional and shared a great deal of educational expertise. I highly recommend Teacher’s Teacher for your professional development."

Sharon Sypole, St. George School, Tinley Park
"The Developing and Implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports class was insightful, informing, and resourceful. The instructor was very reflective in how the materials were presented. The instructor gave engaging, meaningful, and useful lessons that I will be able to utilize in the classroom setting. The support and resources given to the class were a source of motivation for all students and are especially significant for those at risk for school failure. I gained a lot of knowledge on how to effectively implement behavior strategies in my classroom. I highly recommend the class to anyone interested in creating a disciplined climate for learning."

Linda Branch-Offord, Chicago Public Schools
"This was my first online PD and it was awesome! I am so happy that I took this course because I learned so much and have many ideas to share with the other teachers at my school. I was introduced to so many programs I did not even know existed. I feel way more confident if we go to remote learning."

Nicolette Bernardi, Chicago
"This has been one of the most informative courses that I have taken online. I needed some ideas for how to approach this year, and I have surely gotten them. I have gained so much knowledge from the tools that we investigated."

Lori Duquette, Galesburg
"I am often leery of taking online classes because I worry that I won’t get enough out of the class. My first experience with Teacher’s Teacher was great. I felt like I learned so much, and our instructor was amazing with feedback, thoughts, and questions. I was already implementing new strategies from this course two weeks after it started. I will definitely be taking another course with Teacher’s Teacher."
Samantha Recknagel, 4th Grade Teacher, Mark Sheridan School, Chicago
"I just completed the course “Turning the Page: Inspiring Critical Readers”. This course caused me to reflect on my own teaching practices, which I feel have become a little routine. I learned that some things I am doing are right on target, and with additional resources gained from this class, I can make my Social Studies classes more engaging for the students. The materials and ideas in this class will definitely help me to improve my reading instruction for my students. The instructor was knowledgeable and involved daily in meaningful discussions. I highly recommend this course!"

Nancy Padgett, 5th grade teacher, St. Daniel the Prophet School, Chicago
 "I just completed the Aspire Crash Course. It was well structured and engaging, giving good explanations and strategies in order to gain a better understanding of the test and how to prepare the students. The instructor was very involved and supportive. If I had any questions, she answered right away. I highly recommend this course!"
-Helen Colletti, 5th and 6th grade math teacher, St. William School, Chicago
"I have taken many Teacher's Teacher courses over the past five years. The online setup makes it great to sit down and work at your convenience. You can collaborate and share ideas with many teachers across grade levels. The instructors plan the course and are involved in leaving feedback and suggestions to help you and your students succeed in the classroom. I would highly recommend taking a course to see for yourself how it will enrich your teaching." 
-Ryan Folliard, 4th grade teacher, St. Barnabas School, Chicago
"The strategies presented in my summer course, 'Turning the Page; Inspiring Critical Readers,' were extremely relevant and useful for a teacher with 36 years of experience. Loved it and will definitely be taking another class."
-Eileen Savino, 8th Grade Teacher, St. Catherine Laboure School, Glenview
"Teacher’s Teacher classes are one of the best professional development opportunities around. They offer participants content, connection, and convenience. The content is substantive and current. It is tailored to meet individual interests and needs. Classes offered reflect current developments in education. Resources provided are practical and make implementation in the “live” classroom possible. The connection with other teachers focused on a common purpose is a collaborative one. Instructor response is timely, supportive, and informative. This results in a learning community committed to exploring relevant academic topics. Convenience is possible. Pacing is up to you. Whether your are an early riser or a night owl, you schedule you. The user friendly format makes your course of study both timely and purposeful. Teacher’s Teacher increases educator efficacy, promotes a learning partnership with both the instructor and teachers, and enables you to participate flexibly. Choose Teacher’s Teacher for professional development that spotlights current academic topics within the education community."
-Holly Oszakiewski, 4th and 5th grade teacher and reading specialist, St. Patricia School, Hickory Hills, IL
"The Literature Across Curriculum class was fantastic! While I exhausted my book budget the first week, I look forward to returning again and again to the resource sites outlined in the course. My main objective was to gather library lesson plan ideas, and I did not anticipate the windfall of material I now have at my disposal. Jenny's curriculum suggestions were terrific, and the collaborative nature of the class allowed for an abundance of practical applications due to the experience of the participants. This course definitely delivered a return on the investment!"
-Melanie Domke, Librarian, Notre Dame Elementary School, Clarendon Hills
"I recently completed the "Aspire Crash Course" offered by Teacher's Teacher. Pat compiled some incredible resources to use to prepare students for all areas of the ACT Aspire test. Through the discussions with other participants, it was nice to know that other schools have the same struggles we do with respect to preparing students and I appreciated the sharing of ideas from everyone. This is one of those classes where you can go back to your school and easily implement many of the ideas. Thank you."
-Beverley Great, Middle School Math Teacher, St. Norbert School, Northbrook
"I feel with the new knowledge gained in this class (Aspire Crash Course) and the recent narrative/expository writing class I just finished up that I will have many, many ways to revamp my writing instruction!"
-Jane Liquin, 5th Grade Teacher, St. Thomas of Villanova School, Palatine
"If you are thinking of taking an online course Teacher's Teacher is the place for you. I have taken numerous courses with this company and they are fantastic to work with. I was very nervous at first, but they walk you through every step of the way. All of my questions were answered promptly, and technology issues were solved painlessly. The courses are well designed and full of relevant information. These courses prepare you to further your professional development. Don't hesitate take one today!"
Renee Bartley-Bogard, 6th Grade Teacher, St. Patricia School, Hickory Hills
"I have taken several of these courses and they surprise me every time with how much information they impart in such a small period of time. I have been exposed to so many new, interesting, and innovative ideas for my classroom through the classes that I have taken. I most recently took a course on Google Earth and I am still so amazed at the number of resources that I never knew existed in all my subject areas. I have already started to find a way to integrate them into my classroom this school year. The courses are easy to access and I walk away with so much information and ideas that they are more than worth it."
-April Nemes, 5th Grade Teacher, St. Margaret Mary School, Algonquin
"Excellent information that is helpful to you and your students. Online courses are quick and easy to complete and you are still provided with great, detailed information, discussion with others, and help is always available! This was my first CPDU class and it exceeded my expectations (Google Earth at Your Fingertips) and my instructor was great! Definitely worth the try!"
-Gianna Zenere, 8th Grade Teacher, St. Linus School, Oak Lawn
"Teacher's Teacher is a fantastic way to earn CPDUs! I have been taking their online classes since the beginning! They never disappoint. After every class, I have an assortment of teacher materials that I can immediately use in my classroom . All the teachers are fantastic! They are experts in the courses that they teach. They have the greatest ideas for all grade levels. All my students benefit from me taking these online courses! The other teachers taking the courses all share their experiences and thoughts within the course also. At the end of every course you are also guaranteed to come away with a many ideas shared from the other teachers from the class. I will continue to take courses from Teacher's Teacher because I know I am learning from the best!"
-Janice Michon, Project Match Teacher, St. Barnabas School, Chicago
"Over the past five years I have taken nine courses offered by Teachers's Teacher. I gained much practical knowledge, which I could easily implement into my teaching. The discussions between other teachers was quite beneficial, also. I have come away with a list of resources from each class, which are invaluable. I would recommend that if you are looking for a learning experience that will fit into your schedule, this is it."
-Cathy Smith, 4th Grade Teacher, St. Viator School, Chicago
"This course was amazing! I had never taken a class through Teacher's Teacher and I'm so glad I did. You provided us with so many resources, opportunities to talk with fellow educators, and ideas to use in the classroom. After taking this course, I'm looking forward to setting up my Math and Language Arts centers for the school year. Teaching can be an overwhelming profession; but, this course got me in the right mindset for the year and encouraged me to continue learning and growing as a teacher."
-Jill Parisi, First Grade Teacher, LaSalle 2 Magnet School, Chicago
"I was so excited to sign up for this course and I am so glad I did! Katie did an amazing job finding wonderful websites, articles and just sharing her expertise in Early Childhood. I enjoyed all of the other teachers' ideas and comments. I definitely discovered many new ideas and activities from Katie and the other participants to use in my classroom this school year. This class really energized me for my 35th year of teaching! Thank you!"
-Julie Lehman, Preschool Teacher, Old St. Mary’s, Chicago
"I absolutely LOVED this class. This was the second class I took this summer through Teacher's Teacher. I signed up for these two courses because they both sounded very interesting (and I knew I would gain a lot from both of them), but the real reason I signed up for them was because I needed the CPDUs. Oh boy, let me tell you... I have gained SO MUCH more than just those CPDUs! I am super excited that I was finally able to take a course that actually dealt with early education. I am forever grateful for all the wonderful suggestions. I definitely can not wait to try some of them out this year."
-Heather Andretti, Preschool Teacher, St. Pius, Lombard
"This was a wonderful class. It was so nice to have a class focused on just early elementary. I loved all the resources provided and sharing with other teachers. It was also nice to be able to work from home on my own time. I will regularly use the websites, songs, books, games, and materials I learned of in this class. Thank you for a great experience."
-Dana Lipari, First Grade Teacher, St. Thomas of Canterbury, Chicago
"I have taken a few Teacher's Teacher courses and have truly loved them all. When I'm at a workshop, I feel overwhelmed because there is no time to really think about the many ideas presented. Taking online courses lets me go at my own pace and gather ideas that I can take back to my classroom. I especially enjoyed Excited About Early Learning because it was a true collaboration specifically focused on early learners. I felt like our posts were circular discussions so that we could all learn from one another."
-Colleen Hackett, First Grade Teacher, St. John of the Cross
"I found the Aspire Crash Course immensely helpful to further understand the intricacies of the test. Having a deeper understanding of the value of various areas will help our faculty approach their teaching and test prep in a more specific direction. Several of our faculty members took the course already and the remainder will be completing it this month to allow for greater discussion around our curriculum, instruction, and scores. The forums with teachers from other schools provide additional resources and relationships that previously were not available. The resources provided are a huge help!"
-Meg Bigane, Principal, St. Giles School, Oak Park, IL
"I love new and exciting ideas! I appreciated that the course “We’ve Gone 1:1, So Now What?” wasn't confined to just one subject area - I teach all of them. The new technologies that I got excited about - my students got even more excited about. These ideas and programs help enhance my program now. Not only was our instructor amazing, but she responded daily to our posts and feedback. She gave suggestions. We were asked to share other resources that we use, and it was great that so many participants took this course seriously and really shared in their posts."

-Patricia Bucko, St. Walter School, Chicago
"I would recommend this course (Full STEAM Ahead with the NGSS) to any teacher or school. I wish I had taken it sooner! The abundant resources alone could have saved me so much time at home. I will definitely use them to enrich my current curriculum with new lessons, videos and literature. The class allows a teacher to be introspective by looking at your current methods and instruction. It also allows teachers to be interactive with fellow teachers, gaining new ideas and seeing the perspective of others. It was also time well spent. I looked forward to my time "in class." I will definitely take more Teacher's Teacher classes in the future!"

-Maria Goslin, St. Viator, Chicago
"I highly recommend Teacher's Teacher online courses for professional development. The quality of the courses is excellent, and I have completed several, including graduate-level classes. The instructor is highly responsive and provides valuable feedback on assignments. Collaborating with other educators has also been beneficial, offering diverse perspectives and ideas. There is a sense of respect and trust among colleagues. The resources and materials provided are practical and can be implemented immediately in the classroom. Thanks to Teacher's Teacher, I have made significant changes in my classroom and highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional development opportunities."

-Emilia Pena, 4th-grade Bilingual Teacher, Burbank School, Chicago
"I took "Teaching Tech Savvy Students Cyber Safety" and was astounded at how relevant the information was for teachers, librarians, counselors, administrators, and parents.  This was the MOST informative and beneficial class that I have taken in years. The information presented is for everyone that works with children and young adults. This will open your eyes and impact your teaching!"
-Magdalia Alanis, Chicago Public Schools 
"Teacher’s Teacher thank you!  I had never taken an online course before. I tentatively signed up for Bigger Than Life Skills for Successful Students and was assured by Pat Reed that everything would be okay.  It was better than okay.  The classwork was completely manageable, and I learned so much.  I enjoyed interacting with teachers from other communities. Their ideas and suggestions made the learning experience enjoyable.  I feel that I can take what I have learned and apply it to my classroom. Towards the end of my first class, I decided that I liked the program so much that I signed up for and completed another graduate level course.  I took Teaching Tech-Savvy Students Cyber Safety.  I had very little knowledge of cyber safety.  This class opened my eyes to the dangers that both parents and students should be made aware of. I immediately started talking with my family and friends about cyber security.  I even passed on information from the class to help them protect their children.  This class was so well thought out and informative that I would recommend it to anyone.  I thought both classes were informative and beneficial.  I can’t wait to see what other graduate courses Teacher’s Teacher will offer." 
-Sharon Sorsen, Waukegan High School 
"This was my first online course that I took over the summer.  The class “Problem-Solved: Adding Fun to Primary Math” had a convenient schedule and I learned so many new ideas and activities to use in my classroom.  I truly enjoyed the discussions and interactions between the teachers.  I loved the format and can’t wait to take another class." 
-Shannon Bannon, Kindergarten Teacher, St. Catherine LaBoure School, Glenview 
"I recently completed the class called "Problem Solved: Adding Fun to Primary Math". It was my second course with this instructor. I can honestly say that I enjoyed this and the previous class I have taken with her. I gained many valuable insights and materials that I can use in real time in my classroom. I truly enjoyed being able to converse with other educators who find themselves in similar day-to-day situations as me. We connected with each other on the content presented, and we also had the opportunity to share methods that we successfully use in our own classrooms. I will definitely take more classes through Teacher’s Teacher. I recommend that it is a convenient, fun and rewarding way to earn valuable Profession Development and Continuing Education Credits. Thank you for providing this service in such an enjoyable and meaningful format."
-Kendra Oprondek, 1st grade teacher, St. Patricia School, Hickory Hills, IL
"I recently completed the course “Problem Solved: Adding Fun to Primary Math.” Hands down this was one of the best courses I have taken. The amount of math resources that the course provided was extensive, engaging, fun, and with materials most teachers have on hand. I love that we are able to collaborate with other colleagues. It is nice to hear and get ideas from fellow teachers who truly understand the grade you teach. The feedback and tips provided by our instructor were very helpful as well. I would truly recommend these online courses to my friends in the teaching profession."

-Helen Barr, PreK Teacher, St. Catherine LaBoure School, Glenview